In recent years, new capacity across the solar value chain has become necessary to support the PV market’s growth. However, the capital required to establish and scale-up wafer, solar cell and solar module manufacturing facilities is considerable.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Pakistan

Benefits Of Solar Energy In Pakistan

With the amount of blackout and power failure a Pakistani has to face, solar energy is the only solution left for us to deal with it. The current situation of water, electricity and pollution in Pakistan has shifted people’s attention towards the benefits of solar energy in Pakistan. For solar energy power generation, sun warms the surface all year and the geographical location works in favor of Pakistan as there is enough sunlight all year round. The Solar system in Pakistan is an inexpensive and easily available source of energy. Renewable energy provides the solution to deal with the shortfall of electricity. Pakistan is having great potential of using renewable energy resources like wind, coal, hydropower and solar to produce electricity that will reduce the cost. Although prices for solar panels for home are quite high in Pakistan if you think it like a one-time investment to reduce the cost of monthly electricity then you will surely go for using solar panel installation services. The benefits of Solar Energy in Pakistan include saving the environment by decreasing soil, water and air pollution as it works as an alternative to electricity generation from fossil fuels. The electricity supply in Pakistan is getting unreliable and costly, therefore many companies and homes and housing schemes have shifted towards off-grid solar solutions by considering the benefits of solar energy in Pakistan. There are so many companies claiming to be for best solar energy company in Karachi but it is up to your choice and suitability whom to choose. But choosing solar power is the best choice you can ever make as it will not be light on your pocket but also your heart as you are contributing to making the environment better for your future generations. But before investing in solar panels do considers the key points mentioned below to be contented and gain benefits of solar energy in Pakistan.


There are many advantages of solar energy. Some of them are listed below.

As the sun will never run out of its heat so solar energy is something that will last forever. It will benefit you in the long run as it provides an uninterrupted power supply.

Solar energy is a clean and safer way to generate power as it doesn’t require any other resources like coal or oil to produce energy.

Solar energy is the most easily available source of energy as solar rays are everywhere. It can help in solving power issues in many areas as it can be easily installed anywhere.

Solar energy saves the expenses of line transmission and distribution among different areas, all you need is solar panels.

Solar energy provides the most affordable way of producing energy. After the solar panel installation charges, the energy is produced free of cost.

Solar system maintenance is simple and low-cost. After the installation charges, there are very few chances of expenses.

Things you should know before buying Solar Panels for Home

If you have made your mind to go for solar panel installation services after reading the benefits of solar energy in Pakistan. The first thing you should search for is the best company. For example, if you are a Karachi resident you should look for the best solar energy company in Karachi. You can see online reviews or see in your circle for recommendations of the ones who are using solar panels for home. The next important thing is knowing the cost of installation charges and look for the best option available as per your budget. Another important factor that you have to keep in opting mind if you are opting for solar panels for home is its suitability. Your house must have solar potential and the neighbor houses are not overshadowing your light and space. Also, you need to see the consumption of electricity in your houses to have the solar panels as per your electricity demand. There are many types of panels available in the market, choosing the right one for your place will require an expert’s help. Another important factor in buying solar panels for your home is having professional’s help for selecting the right and effective products that can work in the long run. The size and place of your house where you need to install the solar panels should be taken into consideration to know how many panels you will require as per the area and consumption of power. Rules and regulations must be considered of your area in Karachi for Solar Panel Installation Services  installing ON-Grid systems to avoid any inconvenience for future but for OFF-Grid installation system, there are no rules or authorization certificates required. However, due to a lack of proper training and knowledge, many solar panel product supplier companies are facing difficulties in knowing how to get the benefits of solar energy in Pakistan. The poorly arranged form of photovoltaic panels significantly reduces the result of solar panels and increase the installation costs. Therefore it is necessary to have complete information while selecting the company for the installation of solar panels.

The Trend of Solar Energy in Pakistan

In bigger cities of Pakistan, it has been seen the number of indoor installations of rooftop photovoltaic modules has increased dramatically. Due to awareness of the benefits of solar energy in Pakistan, there is a clear growth trend in the near future. The Government of Pakistan goal is to target 1 million consumers and add around 3,000 megawatts of solar energy with the help of net metering. Traditionally they were using hydropower renewable energy services in Pakistan to increase the capacity of power generation but it has its limitations. Wind turbine solutions in Pakistan is also utilizing solar panels to generate Wind energy. The sun rays help in the fluctuation of the temperature and pressure of the earth and this pressure fluctuation results in wind systems. Pakistan is fortunate geographically of gaining the advantage of solar power to fulfil its capacity of power consumption and wind energy is the latest and the most affordable renewable technologies. Wind turbine solutions in Pakistan is paving new paths for providing companies, domestic and industries the clean and abundant wind energy. By utilizing these methods of generating power, the benefits of solar energy in Pakistan are increasing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What is the purpose to use solar energy?

Solar energy is an easily available, eco-friendly, pocket-friendly and free source of energy that is becoming a fasted growing technology. It can be used in generating solar electricity, solar water heating, solar heating, solar ventilation, solar lighting and solar transportation.

2. What is the best option for installing solar panels for home, OFF-grid or ON-Grid?

An Off-grid system is the best option for installing solar panels at home as it stores the excess energy generated through solar panels and saves them in batteries to use at night or at the time of power failure. On-grid systems are costly and of no use for the homes as it sends back the access generated power to the grids.

3. How switching to solar energy helps in controlling utility bills?

You don’t have control over the electricity bill you are getting but when you are having solar panels installed, it will generate more power than you require or use free of cost and reduce your monthly bill by almost 70 to 90%.

4. Do solar panels produce power when there is cloudy weather or at night?

Although the capacity of the power generation depends on the sunlight but still the solar panels produce power when the weather is cloudy and doesn’t produce at all at night. In that scenario batteries or grid power supply comes to fulfil your required consumption.